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What Low Literacy Rates Are Costing You

If you can read this, you may be thinking that this article doesn't apply to you. You might be thinking: So what? I'm literate. Illiteracy doesn't affect me. Except: Research by ProLiteracy shows that 36 MILLION adults across the United States cannot read, write or do basic math above a third grade level. Again, so what? That's not great for them, but what does that mean for me? Well, when an individual is illiterate, the number and types of jobs which that individual can perform are extremely limited: and many can't work in any industry due to their limitations. The job market's terrible all around these days... Yes, it is... But that means that there are 36 MILLION adults in America that a

Working Together to Achieve: Passing the US Citizenship Test

At the Literacy Council of Grand Island, we believe that when we work together we can achieve our goals. When our students first meet their tutors, they have a conversation where we work together to determine what our student's goals are and how those goals can be achieved. On April 3rd 2017 our student, Mubarak with the dedicated assistance of tutor Lyn, achieved one of his goals: he passed the United States Citizenship Test! Mubarak has been working with Lyn at the Literacy Council since July 2016 practicing reading, writing, and speaking in English. Mubarak came to the United States from a refugee camp in the Sudan in 2012. We are so proud of the effort that Lyn and Mubarak have put into

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