Our Services

One-on-One Tutoring has always been a central pillar of the free educational services that we provide.

The demand for individual tutors is always increasing as the numbers of students whom are seeking our free literacy education services rises at an average rate of

5 new students a week (*in 2017).

We like to think of the Community Connection Center (CCC) as an alternative learning space; whether students are seeking assistance with a test, want to learn in a non-traditional manner, or even if they are simply seeking a place to meet with like-minded individuals: we believe that the CCC is for them.

And really, the Community Connection Center is for everyone: if you don't think that you can commit to being a full-time tutor feel free to stop on by to see what the Literacy Council is all about or to just pop in to have an informal conversation.

The Community Connection Center is for everyone!

The Language and Learning Lab is a space that we've constructed in which our students can utilize online and computer-based software to conduct self-paced language acquisition study.

Our Language and Learning Lab is open to all of our registered students during our office hours:

Monday — Wednesday          

9:00 AM  5:00 PM


9:00 AM  8:00 PM




Alongside Internet research, our students utilize:

  • English Discoveries

  • Mango Languages

  • Reading Horizons Elevate

  • Rosetta Stone

  • USA Learns

115 W. Charles St.
Grand Island, NE 68801