Join us in our mission to create a stronger, better-connected and more

prosperous community through our Environmental Literacy Program.

Worldwide, one person produces 1.6 pounds of waste everyday; one person Nebraskan produces 7 pounds of waste everyday (Environmental Protection Agency 2018, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center 2015). Based on this fact alone, the need for an environmental literacy program in our community becomes evident. We are honored to meet this need by providing the members of our community and our student population with a new curriculum from our Environmental Literacy Program, supported by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy. Educate yourself and others and promote awareness on caring for the environment while lessening your environmental impact with our resources below!

Environmental Statistics

Take in the detrimental impact we have on the earth with global, national, and local perspectives—and what's being done about it. The reality? Not enough. These stats provide a brief, shocking look at our environmental action, and prompt any reader to make a change in their environmental habits.

Environmental Literacy Brochure

Dive deeper with our Environmental Literacy Brochure, providing not only stats on our environmental impact, but also detailed information and helpful tips on how we can improve our ways and, subsequently, lessen our negative impact.

Environmental Literacy Curriculum Packet

Become well-versed in the three R's of environmental literacy with our Environmental Literacy Curriculum Packet and how to implement each step effectively with in-depth explanations and walk-throughs. Bonus? This material, designed with our students in mind, is created to coincide with an English Language Learner curriculum (ELL). Great for ELL students, tutors, and classes!

Teach English, Teach About the Environment

Check out this resource from the EPA specifically designed for English Language Learners.

150+ Free Science Documentaries from NET and PBS

Learn about the environment while you're staying at home! This list contains over 150 NET and PBS videos that you can access for free online on a variety of topics.

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