5 Reasons Why You Can't Help Non-Profits

You probably have a lot of reasons why you think that you can't help out non-profit organizations (even if they have a mission that you totally dig) ...

Here are the top 5 that we came up with:

1. I can't because: I've never volunteered before, I don't know how to do it I'll fail.

There are no right or wrong ways to volunteer.

At the Literacy Council of Grand Island we need volunteers who are comfortable with one-on-one tutoring for ESL or instructing a group class, but we definitely don't have a sink or swim approach for our tutors.

As of April 2017, students and tutors can utilize our new curricula, the English No Problem Series (which has both paper and online resources).

2. I can't because: there's nothing in it for me if I volunteer. I give my time and get, what? Less free time and... what else?

Well, besides the obvious (feelings of pride, accomplishment, having helped another human, increased self-confidence, etcetera, etcetera...), are there any tangible benefits one can get from volunteering?

The Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS),

recently published some of their research:

it basically established a strong relationship between

volunteering and health.

What does that mean for you?

It basically established that those who volunteer have

lower mortality rates,

greater functional ability,

and lower rates of depression

later in life than those who do not volunteer.

Still skeptical? Check out the research here.

3. I can't: I don't have the time. I work and (when I'm not working) my time is full up with, you know, important stuff.

Well, this may not apply to you specifically,

but it sure applies to a lot of people

(& we think you'll get where we're going with this either way)...

According to this Time magazine article,

around 60 million subscribers spent an average of

1 hour and 33 minutes a day watching Netflix.

We won't presume to know

what other non-profits ask of their volunteers,

but at the Literacy Council of Grand Island

we are only asking for 1 hour a week.

4. ... I can't ... well... maybe: I might have some time to volunteer (1 hour a week isn't so bad I guess), but I really don't feel comfortable tutoring. One-on-one alone with a student? Talk about scary.

One-on-one expertise sharing with a student

(who most likely doesn't have a firm grasp of English)

can seem daunting.


if you were to choose to volunteer at the

Literacy Council of Grand Island,

we don't only need tutors for one-on-one &

instructors for our free group classes --

we also need volunteers who can:

  • assist with IT -- especially with programs such as ACCESS

  • assist in our Language and Learning Lab

  • assist with varied daily office operations

5. I can't : I think that non-profits do some great stuff for the community and maybe I can volunteer in the future, but I really actually don't have any free time (not even for Netflix): does that mean I can't help out?

Sometimes life gets busy. Crazy busy.

Believe us, we know.

If you can't make it to a non-profit to volunteer in person,

(but would like to support their programming) most, if not all, non-profits accept individual as well as corporate sponsors & charitable donations.

If you are perhaps a busy busy spelling bee

who would like to support a learner-centered program

promoting literacy skills (such as the one we promote at

Literacy Council of Grand Island)

you can:

  • Send in-kind donations like supplies, or materials

  • Consider becoming a Friend of Literacy Member with a lump sum or continuous donation

  • Donate on a one-time basis via the Support Us Page on our website

So you really shouldn't be thinking that you can't help out a non-profit organization, because most

don't demand much of your time,

or if you honestly can't volunteer

don't think that you can't help us to build a better future together

through either financial or material support:

Because you can.

To find out more, please visit our website at www.giliteracy.org LIKE our Facebook Page or FOLLOW US on Twitter or Instagram @litcouncilofgi

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