Student Story: Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali studied computer science in Arabic for four years at the National Ribat University in Khartoum, Sudan.

He now works at the JBS Meat Packing Plant in Grand Island, NE where he: “opens the stomach of the cow and take ‘everything’ out” (a job that he greatly dislikes).

And yet — Mohamed Ali likes living in Nebraska, because he feels like Grand Island is a “safe place” for him. His entire family except for his cousin, Mugahid are still in Sudan. Mohamed Ali has been able to find some solace in his Sudanese group that attends one of the local mosques.

He came to Nebraska because he knew some of the Sudanese people that had immigrated here and he was hopeful that it would be a good place for him to find work and still have time to study English. While studying English with Literacy Council tutors, such as Tracy (his tutor), has been good practice, Mohamed Ali hopes that he might one day improve enough to attend the classes at CCC and to learn to work on computers in English.

He likes studying with his tutor Tracy, and is of the opinion that the people from the Literacy Council, “All are kind persons.”

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