Student Story: Nestor Gonzalez

Nestor Gonzalez is a shining example of what it means to give back to the organization that has given so much to him. While all of our tutors and Group Class Instructors volunteer their time to teach our students, it is not often that our students get a chance to volunteer their time to teach. Many students would be too nervous to do so, but not Nestor!

He attended 9 out of our 12 Group Classes in 2017 which means that he spent approximately 80 hours in Group Class alone.

The expertise and experience Nestor received from these Group Classes made him the perfect candidate when, one night, 10 students came for Group Class and the Instructor called just minutes before class and wasn't able to come!

But there was no reason to panic because Nestor stepped up to the plate and masterfully taught a 45 minute Group Class on basic English vocabulary using resources from the Resource Shelf (and a little nudge/friendly assistance from our Director of Programs and Educational Programming Coordinator).

It is so amazing when students contribute to our organization and help out in whatever way that they can.

Inspiring indeed!

Nestor hopes to get his GED soon, perhaps start his own business, and bring his daughter here from Guatemala as soon as he possibly can.

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